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Synthetix versions are denoted as follows


Where environment is either omitted for mainnet or is one of the following:

  • alpha is for the newest version of contracts, and is reserved for deploys to kovan
  • beta is for promoted alpha contracts, and is reserved for deploys to rinkeby
  • release-candidate is for promoted beta contracts, and is reserved for deploys to ropsten

When a new version of the contracts makes its way through all testnets, it eventually becomes promoted in master, with semver reflecting contract changes in the major or minor portion of the version (depending on backwards compatibility). patch changes are simply for changes to the JavaScript interface.

E.g. v2.19.3-alpha denotes a build deployed to kovan whereas v2.20.0-release-candidate denotes a build that has been promoted through kovan and rinkeby and is now in ropsten.


There are occasions when builds skip and enviroment on the way to mainnet, but in those instances the Synthetix team will endeavour to backport changes to testnets promptly.