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Working with Testnets

Getting help with testnets

If you notice anything wrong with the testnets, please ask in the #dev-portal channel of our Discord.

The Synthetix protocol is available on the following testnets:

  1. sepolia
  2. sepolia-ovm

All of the latest addresses can be found via our addresses section.

We strive to ensure our testing environments is as close as possible to mainnet. All testnets use both the centralized Synthetix oracle and decentralized Chainlink aggregators. These oracles are supplied with testnet ETH and run consistently.

You can use the synthetix npm module with the network above to get targets (addresses), sources (ABIs) and synths.

In the interests of dogfooding our own tools, if you require testnet SNX or sUSD, please use our Depot contract.

For sepolia it's

To get testnet SNX, simply invoke the function Depot.exchangeEtherForSNX() with some testnet ETH. To get testnet sUSD, either stake some testnet SNX using mintr, or you can use Depot.exchangeEtherForSynths() if any is available.

To get testnet ETH, search for your friendly testnet faucet.

For example on sepolia, navigate to and execute exchangeEtherForSNX() with some amount of testnet ETH.


For sepolia-ovm please use the Depot above for layer 1 and then use the staking dapp to deposit sepolia SNX to L2. Likewise you can use to deposit sepolia ETH to L2.