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Audit History

Security and correctness are paramount goals for any smart contract system. Therefore several different audit partners have been engaged over the history of the Synthetix project in a continuing process to validate the integrity of its smart contract system.

Table deprecated

The below list has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.

Please see the audit report attached to each release

Auditor Subject Date Commit(s)
iosiro Bellatrix: SIP-101, SIP-108, SIP-109 February 2021
iosiro Castor: SIP-60, SIP-102, SIP-105 January 2021
iosiro Adhara & Shaula: SIP-93, SIP-97 (including SIP-103), SIP-98 (Adhara), SIP-100 December 2020
iosiro Mimosa & Regulus: SIP-89 (including SIP-94), SIP-91, SIP-92 November 2020
iosiro Deneb: SIP-83 (including SIP-88), SIP-84 October 2020 52315b7
iosiro Fomalhaut: SIP-77, SIP-85, SIP-86 September 2020 bc8ed08
iosiro Pollux: SIP-63, SIP-64, SIP-75, SIP-76, SIP-78 August 2020 7b50bab, cbd5c87, 6125f58, bf8829e, bf5ea7a 50a2879
iosiro Acrux: SIP-48, SIP-53 June 2020 1ed6657, 8169a2e
iosiro Altair: SIP-15, SIP-56, SIP-57 June 2020 7bcd24d, 048165f, d4c2e5c
iosiro SIP-44 (System & Synth Disabling) & SIP-46 (AddressResolver gas improvements) March 2020 8288a47, 6275048
Sigma Prime One week claims and advanced delegation (SIP-9, SIP-10, SIP-14) March 2020 1ae5459
iosiro Frontminting protection (SIP-40) February 2020 056b504
Sigma Prime Skinny Ether Collateral (SIP-35) February 2020 EtherCollateral.sol at 7976093
iosiro Fee Reclamation (SIP-37) and Address Resolver February 2020 6ac6f4b
Sigma Prime sETH LP Rewards (SIP-31) February 2020 53df522
iosiro Synthetix Gas Limits August 2019 fdd4782
iosiro Synthetix Multicurrency February 2019 22ca406
Sigma Prime Synthetix Multicurrency January 2019 22ca406
Sigma Prime Havven IssuanceController June 2018 584eeec
Cryptecon Havven nUSD economics (blog post) June 2018 (N/A)
Sigma Prime Havven nUSD June 2018 957664f
Sigma Prime Havven eUSD April 2018 fa705dd